Clinic Changes for Safety in COVID-19

1. Virtual Appointments continue in our clinic and are the safest and preferred way to support your health and needs if you feel as though you are uncomfortable coming into the clinic or cannot make it to your appointment. We are more than happy to accommodate you through these times. We will continue with an in-person appointment when the benefits outweigh the risks as determined by you and your therapist.


2. Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a form to be filled out that asks a series of questions screening for COVID-19. If you present with any of the symptoms listed, please call into our office at (705)-380-0584 for further instructions.  We will not be able to see you in person and will have a virtual appointment instead.


3. When you arrive to the clinic, please ring the doorbell and wait outside. Jackie will come get you from the front porch when your room is ready and COVID screen is complete. Please bring your own mask, or use one from our clinic. Don your mask and sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic. The physiotherapy assistant will take you directly into a treatment room. Please come alone to our clinic unless you are a minor or require a support person.


4. The physiotherapist will then come into the treatment room to begin your appointment. Our physiotherapists will be wearing personal protective equipment including a mask throughout the entire treatment session as your safety as well as our own is our number one priority.


5. As you leave your appointment keep your mask on and sanitize your hands at the front desk. Pay and book your next appointment with our physiotherapy assistant.

6. After you have left the office, we will have extensive cleaning in between patients, wiping down treatment tables, chairs, desks, and doorknobs and any other surfaces that may have been touched.