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Breast Pain

Physiotherapy and Breast Pain

Did you know that inflammatory conditions of the breast are the number one reason for early weaning during breast feeding? Did you also know that longer breast feeding is protective for Mamas against breast cancer later on in life as well as decreased risk of disability from pelvic girdle pain?  Breast feeding for greater than one year also helps to protect women’s bone health. That’s right!! Not only is breast feeding good for your baby, it is excellent for mothers as well.


As a society, we know more about tomatoes, coffee and cow’s milk than we do about breast milk.  Watch Katie Hinde in her TED talk, entitled “How much do we know about Mother’s Milk?” to learn more. 


At Physio Works Muskoka, we are here to help manage your breast pain quickly and effectively using pain education, self-massage techniques, and teaching you whole breast lymphatic and fascial movements so that your pain does not stop you from reaching your breastfeeding goals. 

If you have pain while breastfeeding, or breast pain in general, call to make an appointment today.

Call or email to book your appointment!

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