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Physiotherapy and Cancer

Improving Quality of Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

At Physio Works Muskoka we treat the side effects of all cancer types including:

  •  Fatigue

  • Weakness

  • Decreased function

  • Decreased mobility 

Symptoms can occur because of radiation, surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and can include: 

  • Urinary Incontinence                      

  • Fecal Incontinence

  • Erectile Dysfunction 

  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

  • Shortening of the vagina 

  • Scarring/adhesions and weakening of radiated tissue and muscles 

  • Urinary urgency/frequency 

  • Fecal urgency/frequency 

  • Lymphedema

  • Axillary webbing/cording 

  • Pain (low back, hip, pelvic, shoulder etc)

  • Excessive scarring at surgical sites

However, we have a special focus on the side-effects of pelvic cancer and breast cancer including: 

  • Prostate ​

  • Cervical 

  • Colorectal 

  • Bladder 

  • Ovarian 

  • Testicular 

  • Penial 

  • Renal 

  • Vulvar 

  • Uterine 

  • Breast 

At Physio Works Muskoka we offer conservative, exercise and lifestyle based treatments including pacing/planning, exercise and activity programs, range of motion/stretching, external and internal connective tissue and muscle release, core and pelvic floor muscle training, bladder/bowel retraining, dilator work, scar tissue work, relaxation strategies, lymphatic drainage (Grade 0 or 1) cording/webbing work, and education about lifestyle factors.

Breast Cancer

  • Breast cancer can have similar side effects as listed above, but can also have unique side effects related to lymph node dissection, hormone therapy and mastectomy such as lymphedema, cording/webbing and shoulder difficulties. 

  • Physio Works Muskoka can provide basic lymphatic drainage for Grade 0 or Grade 1 lymphedema and axillary webbing/cording.

  • Grade 2 or greater lymphedema should seek out a certified lymphadema specialist (contact us if you need help finding one).

  • Physio Works Muskoka can provide comprehensive shoulder assessment and retraining after mastectomy 

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Cancer Care

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