Naturopathic Medicine

What is Natuopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine offers an alternative approach to health. Seeing a Naturopathic Doctor does not mean you’re replacing your medical doctor- you can have both! Two heads are always better than one and each bring a different perspective to your care.

Naturopathic Medicine is different in the following ways:
1. There is an emphasis on diet and lifestyle.
2. It considers a multitude of factors that contribute to health status, such as: food,
nutrition, physical activity, gut health, sleep quality, stress levels, etc. and evaluates
the collective role they may play in a person’s health status and risk of disease
3. Recognition of the gut-brain axis and role of microbiome in health.
4. Recognition of mental-emotional factors affecting physical health.
5. Treatment is non-pharmaceutical, so options include the use of nutrients, herbal
medicine, acupuncture, cupping and dietary/lifestyle recommendations.
6. Blood work and testing can be ordered to help rule out disease, similar to
conventional medicine, but also focus on optimal levels for health, not simply
absence of disease.

Training Requirements of a Naturopathic Doctor:
• Science-based undergraduate degree (4 year program), and Doctor of Naturopathy (4 year program)
• Passing entry-to-practice licensing exams

Reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor:
• You have vague, bothersome symptoms that are affecting your quality of life but you’ve
been told “you’re fine.”
• You prefer natural treatment/solutions.

• You want additional support for your health goals alongside your pharmaceuticals/standard care.
• To be proactive and reduce future disease risk.
• To receive acupuncture or cupping therapy.
• To have a deeper understanding of your body and the various factors that affect it.
• To learn more about food choices, food timing, and options.

Naturopathic Medicine is offered out of the  Physio Works Muskoka office by our associate Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Michelle Mckee, ND,  who works out of the clinic several days per week. You can read more about Dr. Michelle directly through her own website or book with her directly at

Still uncertain if Naturopathic Medicine is for you?

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