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Common but Not-Normal and Highly treatable!

Are you constipated? 


What is the definition of constipation? 

  • Constipation is actually defined by the type of your stool and the ease with which it passes, not the frequency of your stool.  Check out the Bristol Stool Scale on the internet.  You want Type 3 or 4 stool that passes without effort.

Why is it important?

  • Chronic constipation is frequently a cause of damage to the pelvic floor muscles and fascial support (ligaments). Chronic constipation can cause stretching of the pudendal nerve due to prolonged and repetitive straining (leading to pelvic floor weakness secondary to nerve sensitization).

  • Constipation also creates more pressure on the bladder and urethra which may cause increased urinary frequency or retention.

What can be done to help?

  • ​Pelvic Floor physiotherapy can address all of these key elements of constipation!

  • When you are constipated, eating whole food (mostly vegetables), toilet habits and positions, and exercise, bowel mobility exercises, and pelvic floor muscle tension all need to be considered and addressed. These modifications should be made before laxatives or stool softeners are used!

  •  At Physio Works Muskoka we take our toileting seriously!! You should too! After all, good elimination habits build the foundations for a happy and successful life! (look at “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” on the internet if you don’t believe us)

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